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Are you struggling with drug addiction? Are you ready to break free from its grips once and for all? If so, then call one of our caring representatives at a substance abuse treatment facility in Frisco, Texas. We understand how an addiction to alcohol or drugs can affect you and your family. It is our goal to help you to become whole again by reaching your goals for recovery. Our addiction treatment facility offers the most comprehensive drug and alcohol treatments around. We don’t utilize one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter programs when tackling addiction. Our addiction recovery program utilizes proven methods to help you enjoy lasting sobriety.


What makes us the best rehab facility around? Our award-winning treatment facilities, cutting-edge technology, modern living accommodations, and our professional and experienced staff.


At our Frisco, Texas drug rehab clinic, we take a holistic approach to treating addiction. Our cutting-edge technology offers proven results that lessen your likelihood of relapse. We offer both inpatient and outpatient care. The caring and professional staff will determine which option is best for you once you are interviewed and admitted.


You will experience your treatment in a state-of-the-art residential facility that is comfortable and conducive to your success. We offer a television room, dining facilities, and single or double-rooms. We also have exercise facilities where you can get in workouts.


Your drug and alcohol recovery treatment is our number one priority. Our addiction recovery center in Frisco, Texas offers a wide range of treatments for any type of drug or alcohol dependency. We walk you through every step of the journey to recovery, from start to finish. When your treatment ends, a number of ongoing aftercare programs are available in the form of one-on-one therapy, group therapy, and even health and nutritional programs.


Our addiction recovery facility goes much farther than just addressing your addiction problem. Often times, there can be other co-occurring mental conditions that could either contribute to or exacerbate the problem. Clients must be mindful of the fact that if more than one condition is being treated, the stay could possibly last longer than 30 days. No matter how long it takes, we are dedicated to getting our clients the treatment they require.


Detox is an important part of the process. Our drug detox clinic offers safe and supervised detoxification from drugs and alcohol. Clients should understand that detox is something that is only achievable under the supervision of a professional. Individuals who have a heavy drinking problem are putting themselves in grave danger. Not only can alcohol abuse cause significant issues, you can also pose serious risk to those on the road if you decide to drive under the influence.


Self-treatment, or going “cold turkey,” is ill-advised. Detox should only be performed at a drug rehab facility under the supervision of trained staff. The same applies for drug detox. A client can suffer a number of withdrawal issues that can be very painful and uncomfortable. A good treatment facility to undergo detox is always the best solution.


Drug rehab centers are here to help you with your addiction recovery. If you are in the grips of alcohol or drugs, you should seek us out today. Time is of the essence. If you are ready to get your life back on track, we offer several solutions to ensure your long-term success. In some cases, we can get you into our facility on a same-day basis. And once you have checked into our addiction treatment center, you will receive the personalized care you deserve. Don’t delay, give us a call today. Our representatives are available around the clock to assist with all of your needs.