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When you are thinking about checking yourself into one of our Townsend Recovery drug rehab centers throughout the country, you are about to receive the assistance you deserve. Our addiction treatment center in Palm Springs, California focuses on the needs of the individual and work to heal them with the empathy of your peers and the knowledge of our staff. This is because you are all going to work together towards similar goals. You want to become free of your addiction and resume a normal life. The solution is a combination of therapies that will help you stop taking drugs.


Supervised Detox at Our Rehab Center

Not all facilities are going to have the right selection of therapies to meet your needs. We will have to focus on how substance abuse relates to a client’s other mental health issues. We are here to help the whole person, and your individual needs are important to us.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment Mental Health Plans

We are not just about helping you stop taking substances that are damaging and addictive. We are providing a dual diagnosis mental health treatment in a safe and well-maintained facility. This means we want you to get short-term and long-term results, not a quick fix. Within our community setting, Townsend Recovery offers all our clients extended support. Clients work together to speak honestly in a safe, private environment where judgment is reserved. Each support group will forge friends you need. They will help you realize that you are on a similar path to others with the same struggles.


Individualized Care

To us, you are not just a client. You are a person with a unique background and need a specific set of steps to reach recovery. We look forward to getting to know you and your family and to help you develop an individualized and unique treatment plan. It must be catered to your individual needs or it won’t help you achieve long-term results. Even after you complete your initial intake and go through detox and complementary therapies, including counseling and support groups, you won’t be finished with the rehabilitation process. We also have different kinds of aftercare to support you as you return to daily life. We are your partners in overcoming addiction and recovering effectively.

Ask Questions, Expect Answers

Many people ask us what they should look for in our drug rehab center in Palm Springs. Each of our Townsend Recovery substance abuse treatment facility has a different capacity to treat people with your condition. You wouldn’t ask a heart surgeon to amputate your leg. In our Palm Springs drug rehab facility, there is a holistic approach to addiction recovery. The addiction recovery center is set up with a caring and supportive staff who ensures your confidentiality and safety. The addiction recovery facility in Palm Springs specializes as an addiction treatment center with a dual diagnosis treatment system. That way we can address your mental health issues tied to substance abuse.


We provide a clean and intimate addiction treatment facility where you can rest and recover from whatever has driven you to seek addiction recovery rehab. Our staff will help you get the results you need in our Palm Springs drug detox clinic and teach you skills for the future. This addiction recovery program will treat you as a whole person who is capable of becoming the change agent in your own life. If you want to get better and adopt better personal habits, you will be able to overcome addiction. Take it one step at a time. The path is long, but it’s worth it. You’re worth it. Learn how to love yourself and make better choices. This will positively impact all of your relationships and make it easier to hold a job and get close to loved ones again. You can’t change the past, but you can choose a new future!


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