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A Place to find Peace: Our Addiction Treatment Center in Norwalk, Connecticut

Townsend Recovery rehab center offers comprehensive addiction recovery programs that support its clients throughout the entire process of recovery. Our staff understands addiction, and works on an individual basis with each and every client to reach personal goals. Townsend Recovery drug rehab facility in Norwalk, Connecticut is a safe environment where clients can focus on getting better and staying better. Learn what it’s like to go through an addiction recovery program, and how Townsend Recovery views the process uniquely.



We believe each client’s experience at our addiction recovery facility must be a unique experience in order to meet our standards for quality. Addiction isn’t the same for everyone, so why should treatment be? Instead, we design treatment plans on an individual basis. We have found that a client will be most successful when his or her specific needs have been taken into account.


Another belief that guides everything we do is that mental and emotional well-being are absolutely supreme. Our goal is to create an environment where clients feel at-ease – this means keeping them physically comfortable and allowing them to be their true selves. We encourage all clients to be honest, and to give constructive, bold feedback to staff. Part of this safe environment is having a strong sense of community – clients help each other through support groups. In our drug rehab centers, we have found that clients can be the most influential part of each other’s treatment journeys.



Because we believe in promoting holistic health, we deliver excellent mental health care. Our experienced staff delivers integrated care for clients dealing with both an addiction and a co-occurring disorder. Thanks to dual diagnosis mental health treatment, our care includes treatment for each condition, through therapy, support, and health services that treat withdrawal symptoms and address co-occurring mental health disorders. Our trained therapists offer cognitive behavioral therapy, in which people with dual diagnosis re-work their thought patterns to decrease risk in situations where they may feel tempted to use. Another key method for clients experiencing dual diagnosis is supervised detoxification, where staff members monitor a client twenty-four hours a day for up to one week. This process is meant to guide a client through the initial major hurdle of treatment and to make it as bearable as possible.


Therapy often features one-on-one counseling, group therapy where clients can compare shared experiences, addiction support aftercare groups, crisis intervention, and recovery fitness.


At our substance abuse treatment facility, the process of rehabilitation has no time limit. This is why we offer aftercare programs as extensions of our rehabilitation programs. This is vital to ensure recovery is an ongoing part of a person’s life. Clients in aftercare are guided through any temptations they experience while transitioning back into their everyday habits.



We strive to make our addiction recovery center a place where clients feel safe, supported, and heard. Clients should play an active part in their treatment and are allowed to adjust plans as necessary. Townsend Recovery ensures clients’ privacy and safety are protected, and that loved ones of our clients can rest easy, knowing we value our clients’ comfort above all. We offer unique advantages to our clients, since we are equipped to treat the full spectrum of mental health conditions, and multiple conditions at once. Research has recognized the efficacy of our programs, in addition to the clients who have completed Townsend Recovery treatment – their success stories are the greatest testament to the comprehensive care we offer.



Townsend Recovery welcomes clients from all backgrounds. Our addiction treatment facility has helped everyone from the client who has tried one drug detox clinic after the next, to the client who is reaching out for help for the first time. If you are looking for an addiction treatment center that really supports you, teaches you, and empowers you, Townsend Recovery is here for you. Contact us today to learn more about how addiction recovery works and what it’s like to join the community of Townsend Recovery in Norwalk, Connecticut.