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Are you ready to end your addiction to drugs and alcohol once and for all? If so, call our hotline and speak with one of our representatives today. It is the goal pf Townsend, Minnesota to help you win the fight against addiction so you can start living a happy and healthy life.


Our substance abuse treatment facility in Woodbury, Minnesota offers a number of steps to get you on the right track. Addiction recovery is very difficult for everyone. We offer comprehensive tailored treatments for each individual. Whether you are dealing with a single addiction, multiple addictions, or an addiction that coincides with a mental health disorder, we can help you change your life.


Our addiction recovery center in Woodbury will treat you with the kindness and compassion you deserve. We don’t judge anyone here. Our job is to get you sober and tackle the underlying issues that contribute to your addiction. Addiction detox is the first step to getting you on the right path. Our addiction treatment facility in Woodbury also specializes in dual diagnosis mental health. To ensure that you can break free from drugs and alcohol, we need to take into account your overall mental health.


Many people use drugs as a way of alleviating mental and emotional pain. The core of the problem could be depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental disorders. Thousands of people who are suffering from underlying mental disorders while getting through an addiction have gone untreated. We will tackle the root of the problem and find personalized treatments for all that ails you. The Townsend Recovery network with drug rehab centers all over the country employ the most experienced and professional staff.


A multidimensional approach to your drug or alcohol addiction offers the highest treatment success. Our addiction recovery program offers a full spectrum of treatments such as:

  • Detox
  • Dual treatment mental health
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Aftercare


Our drug rehab in Woodbury specializes in long-term success. Or proven methods will ensure that you will overcome your dependency and retain life-long success. Our Woodbury drug rehab facility provides cutting-edge, evidence-based personalized therapy based on your individual needs.


Detox is a very important step in the addiction process. Addiction can cause a number of very serious health risks. If you are physically dependent upon drugs or alcohol, you should seek treatment immediately. A drug detox clinic can help you recover from your addiction and bring stability back to your life.


It is important to note that detox can be dangerous if you attempt to do it on your own. This is something that should never be attempted. We have a staff of professionals that will monitor your success 24-hours-a-day. You will suffer a number of side effects such as nausea, dizziness, sweating, tremors, and hallucinations. It is imperative that you have a caring and thoughtful staff nearby to help you through this very important process.


If you suffer from alcohol or drug abuse, call Townsend Recovery now. Our addiction treatment center in Woodbury, Minnesota can have you enrolled today. Our caring and compassionate representatives will help you decide what you need to do. We are confident that we can offer the most successful and comprehensive treatments to help you get on the path to sobriety. We will make you feel safe and comfortable while going through the process. Our addiction recovery facility is here to help you. Don’t delay another day, call us and let us assist you with your recovery needs.