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Townsend Recovery drug rehab centers assist our clients by preparing them to re-enter their daily lives. Drug addiction changes a person’s behavior and many aspects of his or her life. In rehab, clients struggle to regain stability. That is why clients need reputable rehab facilities to overcome this problem. Before enrolling in our drug rehab center in Surfside Beach, South Carolina, clients undergo supervised detox treatment. Detox is where a customer gets rid of the addictive substance in their body. The process typically takes a week with close monitoring from professionals.


Importance of Detox

Detox can be difficult because withdrawal symptoms can be severe. Anyone who undergoes this process in an addiction recovery program without professional supervision has a likelihood of relapsing. Many clients find it difficult to resist returning to the drug of their choice because they want to relieve discomfort. However, resisting is the only solution towards recovery since it provides a more controlled path through the overall withdrawal process. The importance of detox program is that it will not only give a client the drugs that they need to detox, it will also help the customer get to the point where there are no cravings for drugs. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Surfside Beach, South Carolina helps the client undergo physical symptoms of withdrawal that might occur when they are coming off drugs at the program.


Safety Measure in the Facility

Our addiction recovery center in Surfside Beach ensures that there is both security and stability for clients. The security measures are paramount when the client is goes without access to the drug. Our drug detox clinic helps the client overcome the addiction, but this can be a turbulent process. Therefore, security in the Surfside Beach drug rehab facility is paramount. In this addiction facility center in Surfside Beach security is an important factor.


Group Therapy

Additionally, the community at the addiction treatment center combines ensured that all the clients get the appropriate assistance they need. When the clients, and their families, work together the healing process can highly be improved. Group therapy is an indispensable element of effective substance abuse and mental health treatment. In this addiction treatment the emphasis is on group therapy because it has advantages. The first vital thing is that the clients can provide is motivation to one another. Each person will give an experience of their struggle with the addiction. The customer has the opportunity to observe some of the issues encountered in the recovery process. Additionally, clients build the sense of optimism, self-esteem, and motivation from the group members.


Benefits of Honesty

In the Surfside Beach addiction treatment center, honesty is the very first step to overcoming addiction. Apparently, most the clients rely on self-deception and denial so that they can keep on abusing their favorite drugs. The destruction caused by addiction cannot be noticed easily, not unless the evidence of the damage is overwhelming. In this addiction recovery center, clients are advised to be honest with themselves. Honesty is what finally leads to recovery.


Unique Treatment

The other vital thing that is observed in our addiction recovery facility is the unique treatment of the client. The effects of the drugs are different to various people. Additionally, people have different and unique personal history of addiction. Once an individual enters in rehab, it is ensured that he or she receives a unique treatment. It is because recognizing individuality is the first step to ensuring quality treatment.


Aftercare Services

Recovery from drug addiction does not stop after the rehab. There will be aftercare, which is continued treatment. We ensure that the client is given close attention after the treatment to make sure they stay on their recovery. One may wonder where the addiction treatment facility is located. Our addiction recovery facility is located in Surfside Beach, South Carolina.